About Us

Kaye & RJ

The Tissue Box Cover Store started with a simple request. “Can you make something to cover up these ugly cardboard tissue boxes”?

Kaye had just asked me to make a cover for the tissue boxes that seemed to be popping up all over the house. I had just finished up a large entertainment center that had incorporated some really nice “pepperwood veneer”. That gave me an idea why not use exotic veneers and a light weight box made out of ¼”MDF.

My goal was a sleeve cover that would slip over like a glove and be light weight and not clunky. I made up a few and of course there were necessary adjustments and tweaks but finally I had a cover that Kaye liked.

Now back to building custom furniture right? No—Kaye said “I bet we could sell these”. Me “do you know what we would have to charge, No one will pay that much” Kaye “ I think they would sell”

We tried EBay with some luck but I thought why not have our own online store. Now the company is Kaye’s baby she hand selects each veneer piece, she cuts glues and sands the cover and then off to me.

I then cut the hole and put the finish on. They are then handed back to Kaye for inspection and approval. In some cases they are sent back to me for a redo.

This is truly a WIFE and husband business.