Paper Hand Towel Covers

When your washroom visitors pull a soft guest hand towel from the pop-up box dispenser (with a water-resistant coating), they'll only touch the towel they use. The Kleenex towels cover provides additional protection and an upscale look to your Kleenex Hand Towels.This sleek, upscale dispenser is a great accessory for high-end offices, lodging / hotels, restaurants and any facility that prefers convenient countertop dispensing.The cover comes with a PVC bottom good for wet areas.Show your employees and guests that you care enough to provide a first-class experience.
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Boutique Kleenex Pop-up Hand Towel Covers will dress up your home or business bath or any other room needing a convenient, hygienic countertop towel solution. These covers are shown in our antique mahogany, Bidseye maple, American walnut burl and our "green" macascar striped ebony.

Two types of hand towels are now available from Kleenex the new Ultra Soft pop-up towels and the heavy duty towels. You can find these at Costco, Sams and professional janitorial suppliers.

  • Ultra soft
  • Manufactures product number KCC 11268
  • 70 Towels per Box
  • 18 Boxes per Case
  • Heavy Duty
  • Manufactures product number KCC01701
  • 120 Towels per Box
  • 18 Boxes per Case

Hygienic, one-at-a-time dispensing. No more messy stacks of towels on your counter. White, one-ply. Meets EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content for towels: 40%. 9 x 10-1/2 sheet size.